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Afiche S.O.T.

"The present actualizes future potentials created by the past. A one-second change of thought creates numerous equilibrium potentials in accelerated time, the instantaneous synthesis of which in our time, would lead to a miraculous-seeming quick recovery or fitness".


Chapter 1 Teaser /  

Synopsis: Agent 4 is in a "time loop", the immemorial are powerful in that temporal aberration and only Agent 3 knows the way to defeat them.


Chapter 1 Teaser 2 /

At bocha-TV, we love to see production as advertising, to conceive the story bluntly, pushing us to create at the height of what we promote.

This is our tone for this series.

ARTICLE 1:  The Syndicate will never intervene for better or for worse with souls inhabiting the "quantum continuum" that are not unionized.

The IMMEMORIAL: beings that inhabit the world of no time, their only mission is to devour souls that come out of time.

Cast: Gisella Sirera

Agent 3: Joined the Union after a car accident.  In his REM phase on the verge of death, he connected with the entity that allowed him access: The Father. 

Cast: Tony Falco

Agent 4: Joined the Union after an overdose. His connection to the organization is weak. 

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