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Lady Bam Bam 

This is a Universe of stories that converge on a single protagonist, the chosen one: Lady Bam Bam.

Pineapples / Action / Muscle / Glamor / Villains.

The plan: WEB SERIES (under construction) / COMIX del Universo / VIDEO GAME.

Below is some of the action we want for this project.


A  test for the opening,

the music, the speech of the camera and a beginning.

Teaser credits

Performance: LBB-Laurinha VJ // Mask-N.  Gimenez.

Script and Direction: Brand.

Music:  Gimenez

Assembly and  Postpro: Brandcartoon.


Congo is a character in the Universe of Lady Bam Bam and begins with this number.

Video game

An intense project with pineapples has to have a video game.

We like bits and games from the 80's.

We are creating the transmediality of this project and the game is a branch of this  history.


Idea: Laurinha / Gimenez / Brand.

Lady Bam Bam: Laurinha Videla Jáuregui.

Address: Brand.

Music: Gimenez.

Animation-VFX-Postpro: BRANDCARTOON.



Lady Bam Bam - Néstor Gimenez
Lady Bam Bam/The End - Néstor Gimenez

Music from the series


My baby Shut me down

BAM ...

BAM ...


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