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2014 ARGENTINA: successfully launches the VEX1B. and builds the TRONADOR II satellite launch base at the PIPINA military base, Buenos Aires Province. Argentina. 

2015 ARGENTINA reaches space with its satellites and the space conquest begins.

2016  A group of researchers and audiovisual producers (inexperienced),  Directed by the renowned documentary maker Paco Pérez García, they discover by chance, during the making of the documentary "The Origin of the World", the existence of extraterrestrial life on our planet.

Paco Perez Garcia

Find out everything in our


2019  Paco Perez Garcia  decides to make a documentary "INVASION" to denounce the plan of extraterrestrial control over humanity.

2022  Paco Pérez García, after the mysterious refusals from the market to support this FILM,  decide  undertake the INVASION project paying for it with its own assets.

2025  Despite the inexplicable problems, disappearances of technical equipment,  government bureaucracies,  scammers and the small problems to carry out a documentary that challenges the International establishment, Paco Pérez García manages  partnering with one of the world's most recognized publicity producers Sixto Basset, a high school classmate at HIGH SCHOOL in Hurlingam, who promises to get everything needed to carry out his high school classmate's project.

2028  Paco Pérez García with Sixto Basset, after incoherent refusals from some Sixto clients and his inexplicable lack of hierarchy in the world of International advertising,  they manage to associate themselves with the only co-producer of mysterious origin, Mr. Rudolph, who represents foreign capitals interested in  carry out the "INVASION" project.

2028  The filming of the Documentary of "Invasión" begins. It is there that our WEB series of 13 chapters of 3 seasons begins.

Salud Terraqueos!


It is a transmedia project that begins in a Web series (three seasons), which recounts the daily difficulties in all audiovisual production added to a clear complaint: "aliens exist and are among us."

We have planned two feature films (As long as the aliens sponsor us).

Comix of "ERIC GUS VAN DINER" and other characters that we will be elucidating in the WEB series.

We would love to do the VIDEO GAME, but we better go to what we are already pre-producing:



Pre-production of the first season of the WEB INVASION series (13 cap x 8 min).

GENRE Ci-Fi / comedy.

TARGET 25-44 years.


Animation and VFX Brandcartoon

Script and direction  Pablo Brand

Music Nestor Gimenez

3DEduardo Rivas . 

So  we work this  Project.

Terraquea music from the series

Invasión/Extended Version - Néstor Gimenez
Tema de amor de Invasión - Néstor Gimenez
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