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Hello, we are Pity and Chato, the one in charge of the networks is me (Pity "el colo", the one at the wheel), because Chato doesn't like them and doesn't want to appear in any photo, that's why We are not so successful yet, but little by little I will convince him.

wasauky la jefa del servicio

Photo album:

my friends from work.

The one who inaugurates the photo album is Wasausky, the head of the Emergency Service, the one who attends the night shift guard, does the security, the one who works the most in the Hospital and the one who shits me when I arrive late; which is almost always; but as he likes me for now "sappho".

We made a collection among all those in the service, to buy him some glasses.  It was my idea ... hoo! now he's going to look more like the character in the cartoon movie.  She has no idea why we call her Wasausky, if she finds out she kills us and if she finds out that I was the one with the idea,  cut off my head.

corto (0-00-07-11).jpg

This is our spaceship, the unit "147" of the EMERGENCY 911, a Merchu Sprinter that this jewel. (photo credits go to Cuki).

I am going to share a secret with you, Chato sees things when he "drinks" and if the mambo is too much a little friend of his appears: "El FUFY". I know they are going to say that we are crazy, but who does not have something strange?

A few days ago we passed through the Villa  stick medicines and "Loka", our best friend,  He gave me some pasti for Doc (El Chato, el gordo, I'll clarify just in case so that they don't confuse us) ... Mambo flower grabbed ... we were on tour for 3 days without sleeping in Merchu.

P04 (0-00-00-00).jpg

"Weird" things are happening ... the other days a kid who surely came from an electronic party, he couldn't even speak and it was a shame ... he was a bit violent, that's why we didn't give him much ball ... I say:  If you get high and you don't screw anyone, everything's fine, but if you wear lokito, the mambo is cut. 

EL PITY 1x1.jpg

For now nothing more che!

Take care and any EMERGENCY  to 911!

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