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Ramón, he has the best flower and a full moon night, he is going to tell Choño and Ricky where to get it.

"A long night": a short of 5 episodes that we are developing in bocce and we calculate that in a few months the first EPISODE will be released.
This story is part of the transmedia universe of "HISTORIAS DE BARRIO".

EP#01: SAGA: "Una noche larga"

EP#Ê01_FONDO_#04 (0-00-00-00).jpg

Algo del workflow de este proyecto


EP # 01:
Storyboard and Animatic: Solved.
Voice Recording - Resolved.
Character Design: Solved
Background and Props Design - Solved
Animation: solved
Post-production: resolved
Sound post-production:
in process.

EP # 02:
Storyboard and Animatic: Solved.
Voice recording: pending.
Character Design: Solved
Design of backgrounds and props: pending.
Animation: pending.
Postproduction: pending.

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